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          The European Union is recognized worldwide as having very strong food safety control system with comprehensive rules and regulations covering the entire spectrum of food safety. EU has developed many tools to assist their competent authority to cope with the task of ensuring that all rules and regulations are properly followed thus the ultimate goals achieved. One of the tools is Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF). This system is the main risk communication and management tool among EU member states, the EU Food Safety Authority and EEA member countries and between EU member states and the involved third country. Once any of the member states finds a problem regarding food safety of the domestic or imported products the notification containing essential details of this product and the measure already taken would be created by the authority of the concerned member state and sent to DG SANCO in Brussels. SANCO will then assess the notification, make necessary modification and send it out to all member states and involved parties. Competent authority of the third country will also receive the notification if the non compliant product originates from that country. This is to ensure that the problem found is properly taken care of and preventive measures developed and implemented. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed has proven performance records of being highly effective as well as highly efficient.

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