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  Steering Committee
   Name : Dr. Roainah H.A. Rahman
    Head of International Affairs and Trade Unit
    Department of Agriculture and Agrifood
    Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism
   Email : hjhroainah@gmail.com
   Name : Mr. TUM Samnang
   Deputy Director
   Technical Affairs & Public Relation Department , CAMCONTROL D.G.
   Street 18, Ddey Takoy Village, Sangkat Veal Sbov,
   Khan Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
   Email : tumsamnang@yahoo.com
   Name : Ms. Mauzzati Purba
   Director for Food Safety Surveillance and Extension,
   National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NADFC)
   JI. Percetakan Negara No.23, Jakarta Purat
   Email : inrasff@pom.go.id, inrasff@gmail.com

   Name : Dr. Antarjo Dikin
   Director of Center for Plant Quarantine and Biosafety
   Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency,Ministry of Agriculture
   E Building 5th Floor JI. Harsono RM No.3 Ragunan, Jakarta Selatan 12550
   Email : antario_dikin@yahoo.com

   Name : Dr. Arifin Tasrif
   Director Plant Quarantine and Food Safety
    Quarantine Agency,Ministry of Agriculture
    JI. Harsono RM No.3 Gedung E Lt5, Jakarta Selatan 12550
   Email : arifintasrif@yahoo.co.uk,sophia_setyawati@yahoo.com
     Lao PDR
   Name : Dr. Sivong Sengaloundeth
   Deputy Director of Food and Drug Department,
    Ministry of Health
   Email : phouttha.seangaloundeth@gmail.com

   Name : Ms. Viengxay Vansilalom
   Acting Head of Food Control Division
    Food and Drug Department,Ministry of Health
   Email : vsysanhouth@yahoo.com
   Name : Ms. Roziah Abudin
   Policy and Strategic Planning Division
   Ministry of Agriculture and Agro Based Industry
   Email : roziahabudin@moa.gov.my

   Name : Mr. Tosiah Abdullah
   Deputy Director Import Branch
   Food Safety and Quality Division
   Ministry of Health
   Email : tosiahabdullah@moh.gov.my
   Name : U Thet Naing
   Assisant Director of Fish Inspection and Quality Control Section
   Department of Fisheries
   Email : thetnaingkatar@gmail.com,irnp.dof@gmail.com
   Name : Ms. Maria Lourdes C. Santiago, MSc, MM
    Officer-in-Change, Director General Food and Drug Administration
   Email : mlcsantiago@fda.gov.ph
   Name : Dr. Anna Wong
   Inport & Export Regulation Department, Quarantine & Inspection Group
   Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore AVA
   Email : anna_wong@ava.gov.sg
   Name : Dr. Sanchai Tontyaporn
   Advisor, National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards,
   Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
   Email : sanchai1@hotmail.co,
   Name : Mr. Lam Quoc Hung
   Chief of Division of Prevention Division of Food Posioning Vietnam
   Food Administrator, Ministry of Health
   Email : hungdichte@yahoo.com

   ASEAN Notification
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